Video courtesy London Fieldworks.

End of the Road

End of the Road is an elegiac reflection on the contrasting symbolism of the touring caravan: from a gleaming symbol of freedom and leisure borne from a choreographed, automated Japanese-style production line, to an emblem of futile defiance right on the edge of a rapidly eroding Norfolk coastline. Employing the touring caravan as a speculative vehicle, the film juxtaposes an image of slick, efficient production with that of a deteriorating physical landscape.

End of the Road was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices (AND) for Mobile Rebublic (2012) and was awarded BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT by London Short Film Festival 2014.

Directed, shot and edited by Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks). Music by Dugal McKinnon. Full version HD video (11:27).

All images courtesy London Fieldworks.

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