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Poetics of Garbage-Plastic Prāyaścitta

<Plastic Prāyaścitta> is a single screen film shot in the streets and hinterlands of Delhi. The process of making the film reflexively generated a commentary on the shared relationship between humans and garbage. By reclaiming trash from the ‘realm of the useless’, waste is redesignated with value and transformed into cultural icons through ritualistic performance.

This is a collaborative project made by Aashna Arora, Bruce Gilchrist, Chaitali Kulkarni and Thaniya Kanaka Mahalakshmi as part of a BeFantastic Beyond Fellowship (India), co-produced by FutureEverything (UK) and supported by the British Council.

The artworks will be showcased at <FutureFantastic> India’s first
AI + Art festival in Bangalore in 2023.

All photography by Purva Joshi.

Selected projects & collaborations by Bruce Gilchrist © 2023