Video by Adrian Ludwig & Raphael Pickl.

Smart Hans

Smart Hans was incubated during the Deepfake Masterclass at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven (NL) under the guidance of Ellen Pearlman from ThoughtWorks Art New York. The project won the Super Artistic AI Award in the ‘Interaction’ category, and the Jury’s Main Prize at Lab30 Festival 2022.

Deepfake Team: Anja Borowicz Richardson (UK), Bruce Gilchrist (UK), Max Haarich (Artistic Lead / DE), Martina Huynh (NL), Pekka Ollikainen (FI).

All images ︎︎︎ associated with  Deepfakes Masterclass courtesy Martina Huynh, Bruce Gilchrist and Baltan Laboratories.

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